Wednesday, August 12, 2009

True Friends

True friends are rare. They are better than precious jewels and hot chocolate. You find them when you least expect and they are a timed connection in the midst of nothingness. True friends trust you and mean it and when the world says otherwise they would rather believe you over anyone else. They don't just claim to trust, yet fall apart when a rumor about you passes them by but in fact believe and protect you for everything you're worth. To them, your word stands strong above all no matter how convincing the deceivers may be and even if time and circumstance takes them away for a while, they never waver.. They always come around and you'll find yourself at home. True friends don't just appreciate and acknowledge you when you're not around, but live out those words in truth. Understanding comes even with a few words and they can read your eyes even when you compel the sun to shine. True friends know you for who you are even if you've changed they help you become comfortable with that part that you feel you've lost. True friends never ridicule your pain but make sure they take care of you for all you've lacked, protecting you from the derision of others. They never publicize the special things they know about you and guarding what's personal is a treasure. True friends don't mind if you share their favorite song and know when you just need a hug even if the blues have no source and explanation. They correct you in love and don't carelessly let you waste your life away. They never tire standing up for you and wouldn't dare sell you out. True friends just sit around with you for no apparent reason and smile a thousand words when vocabulary can do no justice.

True friends are in spirit with their companion so much so you'll know who they are without having to hear them mentioned by name. They bring out the best in you. They inspire you. They believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. True friends are rare.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What truly matters in the end is how much we love God. By that I mean, how much we know Him more than how much we know ABOUT him. 'Cause we can keep reading about Christ like we did about written history but what's the point if we can't make His Story ours. It matters that we go to church and discuss the mysteries of faith but what is it worth if we can't intwine our lives with them. What is more? To speak of theology or to give it life. We are that life and the light of His life. Cause we matter to Him. But does He matter to us?

How many times we meet Him isn't enough if we've just sat there without acknowledging His presence. What's the point in giving Him in the silent treatment or walking into the quietness just to abandon our God? What matters is not how much it all amounts to but the quality of it all. What matters is the depth, the truth and the life of our relationship. What matters is more than mere obligation & love. 'Cause He'd rather know how much we care than see us labor in vain for a kingdom that we can't earn. Making Him real in our lives .. making Him a person and loving him just the way we love loved ones and running to him just as we call that special friend is what matters.. What matters is to equal His adoration for is to go beyond just love.. it is to worship.