Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let Go..Let God

Where do I find my solace from the gripping fear of tomorrows, from all uncertainty of today?NOW has come simply through grace and yesterday was a never ending climb to this very moment. They say all will be well, reassuring the present, seeking relief from mere thoughts of simplicity in life. But I fail to comprehend such perception.. I waver even as I hold my head up high. For the eyes of my heart see that tomorrow will continually have new battles even if today's has by far been won.. they never cease..they rise on the brink of the horizon.. 

Perhaps I should be stronger, braver and more alive than ever before but beneath the surface lies a foreboding of not knowing how I will live up to what I've already bound myself to.. how will I finish this race? 

The only hope I know of are ones that I see through the eyes of a dreamer.. of dreams that may never even come to be, gradually channeling thoughts to the glory of eternity..  I draw honor in the fact that I love for a living even though it calls to live in endurance and see courage as I recall having chosen to live in the unfamiliar for the glory of the King. Fighting for breath, I realize I cannot renounce but try to embrace blessings in the land of my suffering.

So I continue to walk this narrow path in loyalty & obedience, pushing the "whys" aside, laying down my rights, finding solace in the truth that I am chosen to fight a great battle for endure not as a consequence of sin but as a symbol of favor & ability..

And now I am able to embrace reality like other living martyrs, with faith barely seen, trying to let go..striving to let GOD..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Being true to oneself lies in standing by that which does not cost the truth and by that which is not at the expense of pleasing God.  For, value does not lie in taking sides or gratifying man, but in choosing to stand by what is true,  always upholding righteousness, forever embracing justice.