Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I believe every hardship that we go through is there for a reason greater than we can imagine. Why we have to embrace it is a question with an honourable answer: Because it is a priviledge to touch lives powerfully through the pain we have borne before. How else would we be able to empathize, to understand and feel the seriousness of someone else's burden? We go through trials so that we can be strengthened in our weaknesses, so that we can learn to place our eyes not on our blessings but on the giver of all blessings. We go through trials so that some day we can testify. And as we testify we realise that our calling lies in the weaknesses of our past. The once hurt, have a heart for the broken-hearted, the once sick desire to lend a healing touch, the once homeless yearn to shelter the orphans, the once unloved impart only unconditional love.

Sometimes the manifestation that takes our unbelief to salvation, whether witnessed in our life or the life of another, embeds a calling within us at that very moment. Suddenly, objects of detestation become a burden to our hearts. We can no longer walk away from situations without making a difference. God may take us places we may not want to go, yet He takes us there because He knows the impact we make is irreplacable. He may place us where there is divison over mere preferences, where injustice prevails, where at times we may feel like the victim of it all. Yet the only perfect answer is to get through for if we don't the greater purpose may never be revealed & fruit never borne.

Freedom may be hindered, sacrifice may be demanded, acceptance may feel afar. But the lessons of love that we learn and the difference we make will make us the history maker, the life changer, the tradition breaker, the perfect warrior. We will be in His glory. We will shine.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


How glorious is your power and grace.
How precious is your sweet embrace
My hope is in You who never fails
You are truely a God who saves
Forever I'll praise you, forever I'll call
Cause to You I belong

How beautiful are your secret ways
So powerful You are, In You I'm amazed
When I fall, I run to you
It's Your grace that leads me through
You are my saviour, You're my all
And to You I belong.

To You I belong
You're my King
I am Yours

To You I belong
You're my Heaven 
You're my Home

Deep calls to Deep
In the roar of Your waterfalls
It's You I seek, Lord
It's You I call.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


All I wanted was to be loved; all I wanted was to feel like I mattered.
I searched everywhere I thought I would find but only to meet a lot of disappointment, failure and rejection.
In my (seemingly) never-ending search for truth, You revealed yourself to me. I found love, a love that is not of this world but a love in truth.
I’ve grown tired; tired of comparing myself with others, tired of trying to place value in myself through people. But finally I find rest, finally I find value. In you is my value, in you am I worthy, in you alone am I made righteous. I am now that of the highest honor because You now live in me. I now know through the blood of Jesus I am free. You are my God, You are my savior, You are my redeemer. Finally, I am released from the chains that kept me captive for so long.
I confess that without you I am nothing. It’s not about me; it never really ever was but it’s about you and your purpose. Your purposes are far greater than mine. My prayer is that you stripe me of all my pride that I may live solely to do your will and to serve your people. My hearts desire is that you be glorified through my actions and my words.
Lord I want to burn with a passion for your name, for your purpose. Your will be done in my life. I want to fall in love with you. That all I do may exude your glory and your power. I dedicate my life to your cause. Teach me of your ways.
Thank you God, that I am your adopted daughter. Thank you Lord that I now represent the most high God, the God above all things of the heavens and all things of the earth. Thank you Lord that I am your beautiful bride. Thank you Lord that I possess you within me. Thank you Lord for revealing truth to my heart and for your abundant grace.
Bless me with strength and wisdom that I may follow through with my commitment to you and never loose focus off your cross. You Lord God are my everything. And I love you above all else.
AMEN - Anika

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Man cannot change man,
Only the mighty hand of God can compel a heart to change.


In Your presence I break
I fall apart and I become me
Naked, I stand before Your all knowing presence
The facade I put up before the world
Shrivels and dies before You
My pretenses are exposed
And I am revealed
Flaws and all, for Your eyes to see
Before You, my heart's pains and desires
Are exposed, open to judgement
Yet You love me, with all my imperfections
And I marvel before Your unconditional love
In that moment, Your peace and love
Filters my heart and renews my soul
And deep in my heart
I know that before You
I can lay down all my masks
And trust You to mold this formless clay
Into more than what I can comprehend



More often than not, we all question the inevitable storms that we face during the course of our lives. Somehow, we forget what we claim to believe in more than anything: Jesus. Sure, we call on Him and pray the most during these times but we forget what He can do. We forget that our God is bigger than the biggest mountain. We forget that He is the same God who calmed the seas with A word. We forget that He is the Creator and Ruler of all that we see. Most importantly, we forget His promise to be with us through every stormy day, in our highs and lows. So don't lose hope even when circumstances make us think that there can be no other way. When we feel like the walls are closing in around us, let's not forget that our awesome Superman will be there to help us through.


Let Love reign
Let it rule supreme
Through cloudy skies
Our ray of hope

Let it shine

Let Hope grow
Let it stand tall
Bursting forth like a plant
From it's seed
Let it flourish

Let Peace live
Let it comfort our hearts
Like the rain does
The parched lands
Let it be shared

Let Joy sing
Let it break free
Through broken souls
By Grace alone
Let it laugh

Let God in
Let Him take control
Love, Hope, Peace and Joy
Through Him let us find
Let Him keep us all



People you can laugh with. Share most of life's best moments with. They're there when the clouds aren't as clear as they should be; when the sun decided to take a day off; when the rain falls and thunder and lightning adorn the sky. They're also there when the flowers come out and the trees are laden with fruit. They're there when you've taken the path with the pits or the one that goes by a stream. They're there when you've got a bad hair day and it looks really bad and when you've got a really bad hair day but it somehow looks in-season. They hold your hand when you're dreading the doctor's room and when you're really excited about that new Topsy-turvy thing at the fir. They laugh it off when you present them a teddy bear on their graduation day and in turn gets you your dream or at least a part of it on yours. They're the ones who'll make the worst situations of your life more bearable by simply putting an arm around your shoulders, stating 'It comes with the package, mate!' and grin. They're the ones who make all those special moments seem extra-special. They're the ones in front of whom you could goof up but still not feel like a fool. They're the ones who'd walk with you in the storm and say things like 'A little rain's always good for the soil. No worries!'. They're the ones who'll always have your back. They'll tell the whole world to back off if they were ever to point their fingers at you. They are home away from home. They are the treasures that God speaks of. They are simply some of God's all-time masterpieces.
They are Friends.
Dedicated to Anna, Santosh, Michael, Charles, especially to Croydon
but more than anyone else, to my Best Friend - Jesus!


All that we do, we do for You Lord: We live for you; we die for you. And as you call us, we remember that we serve you alone, for the cause of Christ and His glory.

We worship you and serve you for you have founded our dwelling. You raise us up. Even more, we trust in you alone and we look to you as our everything. Someday all will pass away: Titles, strata, position but you Lord will remain forever for it is you who is the founder of our home of love and sanctuary; it was never man. You are the anchor of all things that is and is to come. Your church is your body and you are the shepherd.

Lord our prayer is that our foundation may always be your word, that we may allow ourselves to put our trust in you. For when we focus on you and make you our sole purpose in life, we find that nothing can bring us down nor stray us. We find ourselves looking beyond, beyond us. We find ourselves, rising above.

And as we put our hope in you and surrender our lives to you, we understand that even if injustice prevails, storms arise, tribulations drown us, confusion blinds us and man fails us, we will push forward. Through it all, we will live for you, look to you, be empowered by you.

And as we live for you and your people help us be stewards that you created us to be. When injustice prevails help us react in patience and wisdom. And if that should fail, help us learn to depend on you: To see you work in your power and majesty that we may truly know that you are God. For surely, what man cannot do, you can. Help us surrender the battle to you. Teach us to act with restraint in times of testing for if we succumb to the enemy we only prove that we depended on man and never on you.

We close our physical eyes to injustice seen and pain revealed and open our hearts to you. Thus, we rise above the storm, above evil, above failure and disappointment. We know nothing can stop us from loving you and serving you for we are your warriors. Unrighteousness may come and go but we are here for your tomorrow to bury unrest with your love. We will silently triumph as we follow your ways.

Our desire is to be like you, forever unchanging, set apart, dignified before all men, before good and evil, before unfairness and justice. Raise us to be noble in reaction, distinguished in who we are. Let us be unmovable and unchanging no matter what the season.. Help us be a god light. Help us rise higher and be seen as “Higher” through humility, submission and respect, not just for you, for you are worthy, nor just those who we love, for that is a joy but to those who deserve none. Help us be more like you.

Lord keep the fire burning within our hearts to serve you no matter what the cost. Help us to never loose sight of you and your glory. Lord, we are yours, yours to raise this generation, to spread your love, to give hope, to fight this battle.. this battle that belongs to you our God, the shepherd King.

Monday, December 1, 2008


His grace exceeds all need
His favour outshines all circumstance
His power surpasses all inability
His name holds no limits
He is the great " I Am "

Sunday, November 30, 2008


The soft breeze brushes her face like a strong tycoon,
The sun is up but darkness amidst the moon.
In the wind does she dwell alone,
No one calls on her, her life simply torn.
Blood shot eyes and chattering teeth,
It's warm outside, then why does she need
more warmth to calm her down tonight?
Is it the sorrow? Is it the fright?
The killing smoke of danger in her breath,
She waits near those who inject death.
For the moment she feels bliss, an electric rush
And in her ears words are hushed.
She rolls her eyes in supposed joy
'Cause through her nerves a needle is toyed.
So when it really is cold outside
From this reality how will she hide?
Can someone hold her body, so frail?
Can someone stop her and say " Don't inhale!"
Or say " Don't sniff that sin every night."
'Cause one day she will have to fight
Something worse than what she's going through,
her body on the street, one of the few.
But there's someone crying out to her,
To her He's far, but still so near.
And she's His world through sin and shame,
He years to forgive, to forget the blame.
He is the spirit that will ease her cold,
And there is much her life could hold.
Tonight she can be alive, be free,
Salvation is hers, eternally. - Marie-


Iam A Trophy Of God's Amazing Grace.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


In my weakness may Your strength be magnified..
In my sin may Your grace glorified..
In condemnation Your acceptance is my all..
In brokeness it is You who makes me strong..
In solitude Your friendship is everything..
In sorrow through You alone I'm healing..
Healing instant or slow, beauty lies in both..
Now and forever You will always be my hope. - marie-


He is one who draws people to be lead worshippers. He is one who expresses himself in every sense. He is one who worships in great extravagance that the spirit of worship may flow from within him into the hearts of others.

He is one who moves to the beat of a different drum. He is one who sings a greater song. He is one who unites cultures, who brings the rich and poor to common ground.

He is one who raises shouts of praise unto the Heavens. His worship knows no bounds. He unites a fantasia of universal differences as one voice. He inspires. His worship is contagious.

His worship is a true expression of love to the Father. He is so undignified in his praise that his foolishness is now adorned with the glory of God and thus inspires. He beholds the beauty of God, inside out. He shines God's glorious light.

He speaks to God even though he otherwise struggles to communicate. He is intimate with the Father even though he battles with closeness. He expresses love, even though expression is a struggle and discomfort. Thus he strives to win over every challenge that has hardened his heart and paralyzed his communication.

He is one who is real in worship. He strives to love God in some beautiful way when another way seems impossible. He captivates the heart of God through his love songs when actions fail and through art when words fail.

No matter what the circumstance, he is one who always leads. He is one who comes to God just as he is: In truth. He is one who others can relate to for he sets an example of expression through it all. 

He is one who praises the one of the Most High. He is one who sits at His feet in complete surrender. He expresses extravagant love that others may see and follow. He is not one who pretends. He comes just as he is for he knows that there is much more power in truth, that pretentious perfection.

Through the victories, through the tears, through the storms, through it all..
In faith, in hope, in expression, in truth..
Standing tall or on his knees..
He worships, he always leads..

He is the extravagant worshipper. - marie -

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


To who in this world can eternal praise and honour be given to? No man or possession can ever receive such praise but only for a while before it ends. Every concern or love for things fade away. They shrivel in His glory, with their magnitude never to be restored again. - Marie - 


It is the majesty of Your presence that can't contain despair. Nothing sorrowful survives in your glory. - Marie -

Monday, November 17, 2008


We call you God, Healer, Saviour, Redeemer. Yet, truely it is on our hardest times that we realize who You are. "Why?" we ask, " Do you allow misfortune to come to pass..Why does injustice and pain prevail.. Why do certain things happen?" To these I have no answer. But, this I'm sure of: You give us an opportunity to show us that You are God. We hurt so that we can experiene You as Comforter, we are diseased so that we can know you as Healer, we are solitary so that we may know you as Friend. We are orphaned to embrace you as Father. 'Cause knowing You, is feeling You. And yet, in all this it is not You who causes us pain and neither do you let it go in vain. What is intended to harm us, you use it to for good. You glorify your name through us, for us. You are the inner sanctuary behind the curtain. - Marie - 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Lord, build us on your solid foundation that nothing or no one can shake us. Teach us to exchange kindness for anger, silence for gossip, a sweet spirit for bitterness. Teach us goodness cause our words will reveal, no matter how good an actor we are - what's really inside. - Marie -

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Faith lies in putting your trust and hope in the hands of someone invisible yet in someone who is truely there. Faith is worshipping an unseen audience of One but whose presence is stronger than anything in this world. Faith is believing in the One who speaks even though He can't be heard except through the voice in our hearts. Faith is trusting in someone we can't touch except through the faith of our souls. And in this One lies all power, love and life. The choice to believe in His existence is ours. This is love. This is faith. - Marie -

Thursday, November 6, 2008


It takes wisdom to be silent when loose words want to speak. It takes humility and power to say the right things at the right time even if it means saying nothing at all. It takes restraint to speak well chosen words, once spoken, always profound. It takes a God-child to respect those who heed no respect, to submit to those who we highly disagree with and to love those who earn hatred. Even more, it takes God in us to set ourselves a standard too high to be brought down: A heart of love and endurance. - Marie -

Monday, November 3, 2008


God's Word: The voice of a friend. - Marie -


Our God is a God of beauty, perfection, power and glory. He is a God who is King so that even the poor may be called a child of the Most High. He is a God of color, harmony and expression. He is a God of variety. 

To our God simplicity is just as beautiful as extravagance. He is a God a who loves the scenic creations, yet His pride is in the city lights, illuminating the wisdom birthed in man. He is a God who made us all set apart in our ways, some simple, some refined. After all, He was both a servant and King. 

May we glorify Him in all things; in all that we know, discover and do for it is solely through Him that all things come to be. 

Let us realise that our life is to love Him, worship Him and praise Him in all things. What a privilege we behold to embrace freedom in be ourselves in who He wants us to be.. To serve Him in ways that we were created to.

- Marie-