Sunday, December 14, 2008


All I wanted was to be loved; all I wanted was to feel like I mattered.
I searched everywhere I thought I would find but only to meet a lot of disappointment, failure and rejection.
In my (seemingly) never-ending search for truth, You revealed yourself to me. I found love, a love that is not of this world but a love in truth.
I’ve grown tired; tired of comparing myself with others, tired of trying to place value in myself through people. But finally I find rest, finally I find value. In you is my value, in you am I worthy, in you alone am I made righteous. I am now that of the highest honor because You now live in me. I now know through the blood of Jesus I am free. You are my God, You are my savior, You are my redeemer. Finally, I am released from the chains that kept me captive for so long.
I confess that without you I am nothing. It’s not about me; it never really ever was but it’s about you and your purpose. Your purposes are far greater than mine. My prayer is that you stripe me of all my pride that I may live solely to do your will and to serve your people. My hearts desire is that you be glorified through my actions and my words.
Lord I want to burn with a passion for your name, for your purpose. Your will be done in my life. I want to fall in love with you. That all I do may exude your glory and your power. I dedicate my life to your cause. Teach me of your ways.
Thank you God, that I am your adopted daughter. Thank you Lord that I now represent the most high God, the God above all things of the heavens and all things of the earth. Thank you Lord that I am your beautiful bride. Thank you Lord that I possess you within me. Thank you Lord for revealing truth to my heart and for your abundant grace.
Bless me with strength and wisdom that I may follow through with my commitment to you and never loose focus off your cross. You Lord God are my everything. And I love you above all else.
AMEN - Anika


marie said...

Im truely blessed to have a god chick such as you in my life. What draws me the most to you is your adoration to the King and your extravagant love for him. May this salvation touch hearts..May it truely change lives..god bless..

CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

wow..Anika i luvd it dit wat it 2 end!!