Saturday, December 13, 2008


All that we do, we do for You Lord: We live for you; we die for you. And as you call us, we remember that we serve you alone, for the cause of Christ and His glory.

We worship you and serve you for you have founded our dwelling. You raise us up. Even more, we trust in you alone and we look to you as our everything. Someday all will pass away: Titles, strata, position but you Lord will remain forever for it is you who is the founder of our home of love and sanctuary; it was never man. You are the anchor of all things that is and is to come. Your church is your body and you are the shepherd.

Lord our prayer is that our foundation may always be your word, that we may allow ourselves to put our trust in you. For when we focus on you and make you our sole purpose in life, we find that nothing can bring us down nor stray us. We find ourselves looking beyond, beyond us. We find ourselves, rising above.

And as we put our hope in you and surrender our lives to you, we understand that even if injustice prevails, storms arise, tribulations drown us, confusion blinds us and man fails us, we will push forward. Through it all, we will live for you, look to you, be empowered by you.

And as we live for you and your people help us be stewards that you created us to be. When injustice prevails help us react in patience and wisdom. And if that should fail, help us learn to depend on you: To see you work in your power and majesty that we may truly know that you are God. For surely, what man cannot do, you can. Help us surrender the battle to you. Teach us to act with restraint in times of testing for if we succumb to the enemy we only prove that we depended on man and never on you.

We close our physical eyes to injustice seen and pain revealed and open our hearts to you. Thus, we rise above the storm, above evil, above failure and disappointment. We know nothing can stop us from loving you and serving you for we are your warriors. Unrighteousness may come and go but we are here for your tomorrow to bury unrest with your love. We will silently triumph as we follow your ways.

Our desire is to be like you, forever unchanging, set apart, dignified before all men, before good and evil, before unfairness and justice. Raise us to be noble in reaction, distinguished in who we are. Let us be unmovable and unchanging no matter what the season.. Help us be a god light. Help us rise higher and be seen as “Higher” through humility, submission and respect, not just for you, for you are worthy, nor just those who we love, for that is a joy but to those who deserve none. Help us be more like you.

Lord keep the fire burning within our hearts to serve you no matter what the cost. Help us to never loose sight of you and your glory. Lord, we are yours, yours to raise this generation, to spread your love, to give hope, to fight this battle.. this battle that belongs to you our God, the shepherd King.

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