Saturday, December 13, 2008


In Your presence I break
I fall apart and I become me
Naked, I stand before Your all knowing presence
The facade I put up before the world
Shrivels and dies before You
My pretenses are exposed
And I am revealed
Flaws and all, for Your eyes to see
Before You, my heart's pains and desires
Are exposed, open to judgement
Yet You love me, with all my imperfections
And I marvel before Your unconditional love
In that moment, Your peace and love
Filters my heart and renews my soul
And deep in my heart
I know that before You
I can lay down all my masks
And trust You to mold this formless clay
Into more than what I can comprehend



marie said...

awesome writing!Truely beautiful..

Anika said...

oh my gosh.. this one gives me the shivers! wow!! i love it. Isnt the God we worship jus so beautiful.

CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

surely.mahe manipal. hv got themselves.talent.
nice mire.
kep em writin.