Sunday, September 27, 2009


We need to protect ourselves everyday..defend ourselves..not deny.. We need to prepare for the storms and winds of life that are ahead to weigh us down and ground ourselves so that we will not be shaken. Experience takes us out cold...and we turn into something else..someone else that we are not that we ourselves begin to think that's who we are. We scream "ACCEPT ME" when that isn't even us. Experience shouldn't take the best of us.. experience should keep us and see us through the same and better than when we began. In us lies beauty.. and essence .. and once we begin our journey we must armour ourselves so that when it's all over..we are still who we are.. and even more..we must not be stolen..we must not give ourselves away.


Often there will be no wind and there will be no rain.. but our valleys will be filled with water.

Friends, this is God..this is grace.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


People change, seasons change yet we must be constant.. constantly Christ-like...unshakable..immovable..never displaced. Being rooted and always found in God's word allows us to maintain such standards amidst even that which is shallow.. Fixed in He who is unchanging is precisely what doesn't allow us to waver in spite the shift around us. Our song should not be defined by the seasons presented to us but by who we are found in.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


They say honesty is the best policy.

I believe truth is.

Honesty is a mere quality of the beholder. It is based on logic and that which is simply rational . It changes from opinion to opinion and sees things for what they are.

Truth; it defeats honesty. For truth is based on that which is beyond facts. It is integral and true to the genuine way that something should be seen. Truth is trustworthy, factual yet faithful.

To be honest one can be upfront yet downright insolent because honesty is drawn solely on rationality and is often inconsiderate of love. It can sometimes entrap us and make us feel less of ourselves and of others. But the truth.. it sets us free..because truth is founded in not just fact but above all founded in love. Truth sees you for not just who you are but who you can be. With truth there is hope. It is universal.. It is eternal.. It defies every lie that honesty can compel us to believe.

Honesty sees a sinner as a wrongdoer but truth sees the sinner as a soul in need of savior. Honesty is oblivious of love. It is often arrogant and demeaning but the truth is grounded in God's perspective. Truth is wisdom and is often more than what the beholder can see.. Truth is more than is invaluable.

Monday, September 14, 2009

1 KINGS 20:13-14

1 Kings 20:13-16 (The Message)

13 Just then a lone prophet approached Ahab king of Israel and said, "God's word: Have you taken a good look at this mob? Well, look again—I'm turning it over to you this very day. And you'll know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I am God."

14 Ahab said, "Really? And who is going to make this happen?"

God said, "The young commandos of the regional chiefs."

"And who," said Ahab, "will strike the first blow?"

God said, "You."

1 Kings 20:13-14

* A word for those young hearts who are called to take over the nations for Christ.. A word for those who even lead those young hearts.. This is the call to believe that we are chosen .. that there has been no mistake.. This is.. a God affirmation!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


In my search for love
I stumbled across the greatest truth
I stopped and stared at it
Trying to comprehend its meaning
But it eluded me, my wisdom failed me
I wondered if I should trust this love
Or walk away like thousands before me did
I knew that once I made this choice
There was no going back
It was my life-altering decision
Time breathed down my neck
And then I felt a little nudge
My soul longing to know it's Creator
My life needing to have a greater purpose
In a moment, I knew I believed
I believed this love
I believed that It loved me
I knew that I desired for It too
I believed that It had been waiting for me
I knew that I've always felt a need for It
And since that moment,
Nothing has ever been the same
The storms still came,
The waves still roared and crashed around me
But that was the difference -
It crashed around me now
I wasn't alone in the storm,
My heart now soared above it
And forever I shall thank the grace that called me
The grace I did not deserve
The grace that saved my soul
The grace that will take me Home

I found this amazing ad when I was browsing through a bunch of 'em for college work....and it blew my mind away!!! Even though it's an ad for a company...I feel that this is how we look to the world - a bunch of crazy ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world. You agree?

Friday, September 11, 2009


Just takin time out to breathe..
Embracing what's come my way..
And surely such experience gives me lots to write about..
so, Much love..Be back soon

Monday, September 7, 2009

No gilded song
Or grand symphony
Could describe Your glory
Which leaves me in awe

No brilliant picture
Or an array of perfect colours
Could equal Your
Breathtaking beauty

Powerless in Your gaze
Held captive by Your voice
I've willingly lost my will
So that I may drown in Your love
You have become my only reason
To anything that's something

No uniquely sculptured word
Or eloquent phrase
Could compare to
The beauty of Your Name

No human mind
Or gregarious thoughts
Could hold against
Your most simple word

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Love You

You are the melody that enchants me
You are the words that captivate me

You are the smell of rain in the damp air

You are the breeze that moves through my hair

You are the dancing stars in the velvet sky

You are the colours in the glorious sunrise

You are the water in the winter rain,
the ocean's crown that kisses my feet

You are the light of the moon
You are the scent of flowers and the woods

You are the cherry blossoms in an orchard

You are the sound of a laughing brook

You are the twinkle in a furry dog's eyes

You are the smile on a baby's face
You are everything that makes me
smile, laugh, blush, feel loved and beautiful.
I'm blessed to be Your priority.
I love You.

Recently, I read in a book that everything we love about creation are God's special love notes to us. These are some of my favourite and every time I see, hear or feel them - I'm just reminded of His passionate love for me. I love that He romances me in such unique ways. I'm blessed to know, even if only in part, of this love that sweeps me off my feet.