Saturday, September 12, 2009


In my search for love
I stumbled across the greatest truth
I stopped and stared at it
Trying to comprehend its meaning
But it eluded me, my wisdom failed me
I wondered if I should trust this love
Or walk away like thousands before me did
I knew that once I made this choice
There was no going back
It was my life-altering decision
Time breathed down my neck
And then I felt a little nudge
My soul longing to know it's Creator
My life needing to have a greater purpose
In a moment, I knew I believed
I believed this love
I believed that It loved me
I knew that I desired for It too
I believed that It had been waiting for me
I knew that I've always felt a need for It
And since that moment,
Nothing has ever been the same
The storms still came,
The waves still roared and crashed around me
But that was the difference -
It crashed around me now
I wasn't alone in the storm,
My heart now soared above it
And forever I shall thank the grace that called me
The grace I did not deserve
The grace that saved my soul
The grace that will take me Home

1 comment:

Marie said...

realizing such truth is everything..everything!