Monday, November 23, 2009


Like wind brushinng across my face,
I feel in my soul your heavenly grace,
I hear in my ears your sweet harmony,
Playing the notes of my salvation,
My spirit is touched by your love so pure,
Consumed by your spirit, my being lusts for more,
I feel more than a body, more than me when you are near,
Away from this misty world, my world becomes clear,
Your words so complete, more elegant than poetry,
Like an artist showing me colors I never did see,
Painting patterns that leave me in awe,
My existence incomplete, until between my lines did you draw...
-Aneel Samuel

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Like a crazy composer who gets a melody in the middle of the night and wakes up from bed to write it down, in the same way I've just gotten up to write this down, on the verge of falling asleep.

I'm not sure if I even write this properly, but I know where this is coming from.

In many ways I feel that I'm like Moses. Moses wasn't a good speaker and stammered, I was the same way, not confident about anything, sometimes I still feel lacking in areas of life. People who develop the habit of stuttering are usually not confident that's why they can't speak properly. Imagine a person who wasn't confident enough to speak up, had enough faith in my Dad that oceans parted.

The transformation that God did in him, from the time he saw the burning bush, when he didn't have enough confidence to go back even when He was told by God, to the time when He had thousands of thousands of people standing behind him and his only place to turn to was God... that must've been indescribable.

Faith enough that oceans may part.


When it comes to friendship, never be diplomatic ..Be brave, speak ur heart & express the truth.. True friends protect..true friends fortify.


We are more than what meets the eye.. we are more than what is seen of us and known..we have depth, power & shimmer.. We are so much more..

Sunday, November 1, 2009


What is faith I often wonder? Is it believing for greater things that are yet to come or believing simply for things that we ought to. When people loose loved ones, their dreams, their lives or their breakthrough, is it a question of their faith or simply the will of God to teach them more than they can perceive? Did Paul suffer 'cause he lacked faith? Did Jesus die cause he didn't believe enough that His father could save Him? Perhaps not. God's will channeled faith. Faith didn't manipulate. Faith is not believing in text book answers and random scripture..Faith is believing in that which God has planned for us even if it isn't prosperity or blessing. Faith is not isn't a long shot in the dark. Faith is faith when we believe that we can survive even though we have nothing, when circumstance doesn't change or possibly gets worse. I see faith in those who believe that the world is good even though they have experienced it's worst..I see faith in those who aren't healed, yet bring something good out of their sickness. I see faith in those who see prosperity in the little they get each day instead of whining for not gettin more riches. Faith is believing that all that God has promised us will come alive in fullness not just on earth but even more when we are in Heaven. Faith reflects wisdom even though it's a leap o' da impossible. It operates in truth, in Word, in God! Faith is more than prayin 2 b blessed. It is da substance of things hoped for & the evidence of things not seen yet FAITH is not BLIND...