Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lord you inspire us to love beyond feelings, beyond emotions.. to love those who we would rather love to love not just in words but in action. You show us how to accept hearts as they are.. to forgive beyond human reason and to endure those who hurt us, even through the hurt, for the cause of Your glory. You hearten us to run the race until the end and when we tire You run with us..You give us Your eyes to see the world as You see them and Your SPIRIT to replace our very own. You inspire us to live set apart.. To live for a greater cause.. A cause that defines your love & beauty.. You inspire us to live for You. 


We loose our lives that others may find theirs. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


To say that one situation at a time causes much pain would be a lie, for the truth is that our cup of suffering is already full from battles once fought: Those of trust, fear, dominion, hate & complexities. And as the pain accumalates, we react less on the outward as much as it burns inside. And as the cup overflows our world continues to close up on us. Silence prevails. Empty tears flow.
Immense violation can cause us to be numb for we are still in the aftershock. And if it was not for You, we'd only die inside. Now, we are past the stage of outward expression, past tears and now only a storm of pain can shake us, else only the power of love.
And so the world begins to see us not for who we really are. In fact we are often stero-typed as emotional or emotionless, dead or weak when either way we are both. But You see us for who we really are. You make the best out of our worst. You make all the difference for You are our friend and comfort. Even more You are our Healer.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In my God alone can I find the strength to see me through all things,
in His love alone do I find constant and eternal acceptance.
Because He loved me first, I will praise His Name, I will give to my King my everything till my last breath!
For I have no reason to live if not for my King.



We constantly blame God for all that goes wrong around the world and in our lives. Shamelessly, we ask Him to fix everything while we, His children, His vessels, do nothing. We complain ceaselessly about the millions who are straying away from His word, both believers and unbelievers alike. We point our fingers at God, defying Him to prove His existence to us, mere mortals. We talk about poverty and suffering, about corruption and malice while we do nothing about it.
But today, a new breed of believers are rising. A generation that screams from the very atom of their souls 'Here I am, Lord. Send me!'. A generation whose passion for God knows no bounds. A generation whose sole desire is to fulfill their spiritual and sole purpose: to serve their Almighty God. This generation will no longer sit back but will put on their spiritual armor and move against the enemy. This generation will be greater than any other before it. Because this generation will prove to the world that their God lives!

"But YOU are the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God's instruments to do His work and speak out for Him, to TELL OTHERS of the night-and-day difference he made for you—from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted."
- 1 Peter 2:9 (The Message)
- Miriam


The difference
The future
The revolution
The new dawn
The movement
The change
The solution
The miracle
The walk
The talk
The high
The generation
His ambassador
His excellence
His pride
His inspiration
His joy
His passion
His purpose
His song
His heartbeat
His victory
His brilliance
His work of art
His hands
His feet
His voice
His legacy

You are God's own.. child of the Most High.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


God believes in us more than we often doubt ourselves.


What you think you're not,
God says you are,
And that you shall become

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Your every blessing speaks deep intimacy, making it certain that it is indeed a gift from above. No matter how small or great it is, You capture our hearts in personal way. You could make the birds fly or dedicate a sunrise for us.. And we just know, that very moment is especially ours,
from You. Selah.


You use the unloved to love beyond words.
You use the broken to make lives whole.
You challenge the weak to be another's strength,
That we may die to ourselves
That we may live for a friend.
That in our tears me may make someone smile
And through our pain we may save a life.