Wednesday, January 21, 2009


To say that one situation at a time causes much pain would be a lie, for the truth is that our cup of suffering is already full from battles once fought: Those of trust, fear, dominion, hate & complexities. And as the pain accumalates, we react less on the outward as much as it burns inside. And as the cup overflows our world continues to close up on us. Silence prevails. Empty tears flow.
Immense violation can cause us to be numb for we are still in the aftershock. And if it was not for You, we'd only die inside. Now, we are past the stage of outward expression, past tears and now only a storm of pain can shake us, else only the power of love.
And so the world begins to see us not for who we really are. In fact we are often stero-typed as emotional or emotionless, dead or weak when either way we are both. But You see us for who we really are. You make the best out of our worst. You make all the difference for You are our friend and comfort. Even more You are our Healer.


CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

2 knw dat he makes da best out of our worst turns da ugly tyms into priceLess moments.
tru doctor can compete.:D

Marie said...

I believe!

raj said...

Change is in His hand, He heales us in different ways which, unkonow to world, priceless is he who is by Him. The king of power to love to emotional end.
He makes the best.

LoVe God xxx LoVe PeOple. said...

jOAN:luvin it!luvin it! LUVIN IT! n yo inspirational writins- simply butiful!
Btw Marie,dat PROFILE PIC of da baby is prophetic yo kid is so gonna look like dat!:D