Thursday, March 4, 2010


Darkness can never hide the light just as a lie can never overshadow the truth. Just as the moon comes up for a while so must it go down that the sun may rise in it's power and might. Darkness has its moment.. but only for a while until the truth has been set free.. Truth can only be hidden for a while until it exposes what's real. One cannot hide from the light forever, for darkness is not all that dark at all in the measure of light.

But only for a moment does darkness dwell, unable to hide what is true. Truth reveals herself, is restored and shines bright like a city on hill that cannot be hidden.

Thus why should truth hide and sacrifice her presence? Why should she cry or be afraid to declare herself if darkness can only veil her for just a while..

N.B No matter how or when, the truth will always prevail. (It's all just a matter of time)