Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Mirage

When we let go of God and choose to do what we know best, we fail.. What seemed to be the worst only seems far easier than what we find ourselves in now. Perhaps we walk into our own will and not God’s.. Perhaps we run into our own trap... a mirage that we once perceived as the dreams we bargained for. So God cries out not to be deceived.. but its hard to trust the unseen. Hard to comprehend that the best is yet to come. We don’t realize that this isn’t what we are ourselves want.. that it is an illusion.. a lie.. but we refuse to listen. We blind our eyes to what is seen and ignore the quiet voice in our hearts that’s telling us that this is an obstacle from gaining what we really want and that which God wants to give. We push ourselves away from what we ourselves asked and we make God our enemy when all he is doing is protecting us and trying to make our dreams a reality.. our dreams..not His..

We see a little goodness in life and we grab onto it refusing to let God take us to the best. So we fall, we fail and find ourselves in a worse place than our once thought of misery. The past becomes nothing compared to the pain of now. Yet, God walks into the mess we’ve made of our lives and makes something good come out of the pain we have brought upon ourselves. We choose death but he brings us out alive. We choose pain yet he brings us out stronger. Who does that? Who kindly draws victory out of our self inflicted defeat? Who does that so lovingly? We asked for hope and joy.. He wants to give .. Yet we end up in traps of distrust and think God wants to rob our lives away.. when he wants to give us what’s real..the best.. but it takes faith to wait on Him and trust the unfamiliar, the future…and time.. But he doesn’t anger for trying to take us where we want to be.. and for leaving Him half way for a deal we bargained for in the first place.... he doesn’t.. he tries to make the best out of everything.. even if we are broken and bruised.. entangled and full of regret.. He walks with us, carries us and takes us as close as he can to the dreams and hope we always wanted..we always dreamed of.. those ones that we never told anyone about..the fairytales that God can bring alive.

He decides to take us to that good place that we ourselves aspired until we let go of Him.he takes us as close as he can..fighting against our own deceptions .. and blindness..trying so hard to make our dreams come true, trying to take us to our future in the reality of all that we asked for and more.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Your love for me overwhelms me. The hope You've given to me strengthens me. The strength that You give to me brings me joy. The calm in my heart is from Your peace. Though there may be tears and pain I know that You are faithful and You will remain faithful till the end. Even when the storms in my life rage against me and the waves threaten to drown me; in my times of despair I know that You're holding me and that You'll never let me go. Your grace gives me wings to soar from one day to the next. Your Spirit takes me from glory to glory and I shall no lack for You are my God. Your arms hold me tight and You place my feet firmly on the ground. Even when I can't see You, I know You're there and that if I reached out in faith I could touch You. I long for You, my spirit calls out for You in the dead of the night. I search for Your glorious Presence, to bask in Your breath-taking love. I seek, I chase after Your heart. I live to know You more. I cannot imagine a day - no, a second without You! You are my Lord, the lifter of my head, the Lover of my soul. You are the song that I sing, the breath I take, the words I speak, the thoughts in my head, the love that I feel, the love that I can show.
You are my everything.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Love and compassion comes from god above,

In return don't we have to send some above?,

The love and compassion he shows us everyday,

In return we forget him like he was another person from yesterday,

he loves us so much that he didnt forget us in life's worst situations,

And shows mercy and saves us from great afllictions,

So what do you think about my god?,

C'mon he's too big to be expressed, cuz he's god!,

He is the one who has decided your future,

He decides about your rapture,

So if you love him praise him,

Whether its bright or its Dim.