Sunday, June 7, 2009


Love and compassion comes from god above,

In return don't we have to send some above?,

The love and compassion he shows us everyday,

In return we forget him like he was another person from yesterday,

he loves us so much that he didnt forget us in life's worst situations,

And shows mercy and saves us from great afllictions,

So what do you think about my god?,

C'mon he's too big to be expressed, cuz he's god!,

He is the one who has decided your future,

He decides about your rapture,

So if you love him praise him,

Whether its bright or its Dim.


super chick said...

thats awesome allen! atlast one post! haha

Marie said...

proud of u!! keep writing .. keep inspiring..God's lookin down on u and smilin..

Anika said...

we got a poet in the house!! super stuff boy. let's praise him whether bright or dim. :D

Miriam said...

*whistles* awesome, awesome, awesome!!! brought a wwiiddddeeeee smile to my face!!!!! u go boy!!! mwahz!!