Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Your love for me overwhelms me. The hope You've given to me strengthens me. The strength that You give to me brings me joy. The calm in my heart is from Your peace. Though there may be tears and pain I know that You are faithful and You will remain faithful till the end. Even when the storms in my life rage against me and the waves threaten to drown me; in my times of despair I know that You're holding me and that You'll never let me go. Your grace gives me wings to soar from one day to the next. Your Spirit takes me from glory to glory and I shall no lack for You are my God. Your arms hold me tight and You place my feet firmly on the ground. Even when I can't see You, I know You're there and that if I reached out in faith I could touch You. I long for You, my spirit calls out for You in the dead of the night. I search for Your glorious Presence, to bask in Your breath-taking love. I seek, I chase after Your heart. I live to know You more. I cannot imagine a day - no, a second without You! You are my Lord, the lifter of my head, the Lover of my soul. You are the song that I sing, the breath I take, the words I speak, the thoughts in my head, the love that I feel, the love that I can show.
You are my everything.


Marie said...

this is my prayer today...since words of my own don't seem to come around..even if I try. It's awesome to see u depend of God this much..with everythin and in everything..u will never be let down.

ALLAN said...

great job Miriam...I'm glad that even through the worst moments of life that you depend on God and love him even are loved....and keep writing more about our Saviour.