Thursday, September 17, 2009


They say honesty is the best policy.

I believe truth is.

Honesty is a mere quality of the beholder. It is based on logic and that which is simply rational . It changes from opinion to opinion and sees things for what they are.

Truth; it defeats honesty. For truth is based on that which is beyond facts. It is integral and true to the genuine way that something should be seen. Truth is trustworthy, factual yet faithful.

To be honest one can be upfront yet downright insolent because honesty is drawn solely on rationality and is often inconsiderate of love. It can sometimes entrap us and make us feel less of ourselves and of others. But the truth.. it sets us free..because truth is founded in not just fact but above all founded in love. Truth sees you for not just who you are but who you can be. With truth there is hope. It is universal.. It is eternal.. It defies every lie that honesty can compel us to believe.

Honesty sees a sinner as a wrongdoer but truth sees the sinner as a soul in need of savior. Honesty is oblivious of love. It is often arrogant and demeaning but the truth is grounded in God's perspective. Truth is wisdom and is often more than what the beholder can see.. Truth is more than is invaluable.


Miriam said...

awesome!! simply awesome!!!

Anika said...

That's takin things to a whole new anna!! Thank you...for when I taut I was ok and I was getting comfortable, you remind me to take it a step higher. love ya!

Anika said...

A month ago this meant one thing and today this means something else. I know I said thank you already but really words fail to express my gratitude to you penning out what God places into your heart. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please please please continue to do so and not be discouraged about not recieving feedback...I dont always have something to say but I'm ministered to alrite!!

Marie said...

:-) Just read this comment now..thank u.. life inspires write.. Love doin life with u dear friend