Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Love You

You are the melody that enchants me
You are the words that captivate me

You are the smell of rain in the damp air

You are the breeze that moves through my hair

You are the dancing stars in the velvet sky

You are the colours in the glorious sunrise

You are the water in the winter rain,
the ocean's crown that kisses my feet

You are the light of the moon
You are the scent of flowers and the woods

You are the cherry blossoms in an orchard

You are the sound of a laughing brook

You are the twinkle in a furry dog's eyes

You are the smile on a baby's face
You are everything that makes me
smile, laugh, blush, feel loved and beautiful.
I'm blessed to be Your priority.
I love You.

Recently, I read in a book that everything we love about creation are God's special love notes to us. These are some of my favourite and every time I see, hear or feel them - I'm just reminded of His passionate love for me. I love that He romances me in such unique ways. I'm blessed to know, even if only in part, of this love that sweeps me off my feet.