Saturday, December 13, 2008


People you can laugh with. Share most of life's best moments with. They're there when the clouds aren't as clear as they should be; when the sun decided to take a day off; when the rain falls and thunder and lightning adorn the sky. They're also there when the flowers come out and the trees are laden with fruit. They're there when you've taken the path with the pits or the one that goes by a stream. They're there when you've got a bad hair day and it looks really bad and when you've got a really bad hair day but it somehow looks in-season. They hold your hand when you're dreading the doctor's room and when you're really excited about that new Topsy-turvy thing at the fir. They laugh it off when you present them a teddy bear on their graduation day and in turn gets you your dream or at least a part of it on yours. They're the ones who'll make the worst situations of your life more bearable by simply putting an arm around your shoulders, stating 'It comes with the package, mate!' and grin. They're the ones who make all those special moments seem extra-special. They're the ones in front of whom you could goof up but still not feel like a fool. They're the ones who'd walk with you in the storm and say things like 'A little rain's always good for the soil. No worries!'. They're the ones who'll always have your back. They'll tell the whole world to back off if they were ever to point their fingers at you. They are home away from home. They are the treasures that God speaks of. They are simply some of God's all-time masterpieces.
They are Friends.
Dedicated to Anna, Santosh, Michael, Charles, especially to Croydon
but more than anyone else, to my Best Friend - Jesus!

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