Tuesday, November 25, 2008


In my weakness may Your strength be magnified..
In my sin may Your grace glorified..
In condemnation Your acceptance is my all..
In brokeness it is You who makes me strong..
In solitude Your friendship is everything..
In sorrow through You alone I'm healing..
Healing instant or slow, beauty lies in both..
Now and forever You will always be my hope. - marie-


Pratz said...

Wow Anna, i have no words. Really awesome!!! Bravo!!! Bless you. Amen.
P.S: Do you want to open your mind more??? I have Acid!!! hehehe.

Pratz said...

But really, Way to Go!!! Keep mailing me once you have written more. :-) Muah!!!

Anika said...

I need to be having a tough day, come online and read your blog and I'm encouraged once again..
Thanx Anna. Your awesome! Those are jus stupid words...that are said way too many times its value seems to depreciate. but in true essense, u truely are so much more beautiful than you can see with ur own eyes..in the most godly way.
I thank God for the beautiful gift he's given us in the form of yu!
You go...and keep going!!