Sunday, November 9, 2008


Faith lies in putting your trust and hope in the hands of someone invisible yet in someone who is truely there. Faith is worshipping an unseen audience of One but whose presence is stronger than anything in this world. Faith is believing in the One who speaks even though He can't be heard except through the voice in our hearts. Faith is trusting in someone we can't touch except through the faith of our souls. And in this One lies all power, love and life. The choice to believe in His existence is ours. This is love. This is faith. - Marie -


CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

heart of a writer..gurfwend
kep it up..:)
yo 2nd sentence r alwaya me fav.:D

LoVe God xxx LoVe PeOple. said...

JoAN:i started commenting frm da posts below! lol btw i've jst stolen one of yo qoutes or shld i say paragraph:P its on ma facebook!
but seriously AM blessed jst reading yo blog...too much revelation comin thru n am lovin it!
ps: start reading frm yo last entry lol

LOve N God bless!!
btw u are a true writer- princess!! and am in LOVE with yo work which is makin me fall even more in LOve wit da Man expressed in and behind da work :)