Monday, November 3, 2008


Our God is a God of beauty, perfection, power and glory. He is a God who is King so that even the poor may be called a child of the Most High. He is a God of color, harmony and expression. He is a God of variety. 

To our God simplicity is just as beautiful as extravagance. He is a God a who loves the scenic creations, yet His pride is in the city lights, illuminating the wisdom birthed in man. He is a God who made us all set apart in our ways, some simple, some refined. After all, He was both a servant and King. 

May we glorify Him in all things; in all that we know, discover and do for it is solely through Him that all things come to be. 

Let us realise that our life is to love Him, worship Him and praise Him in all things. What a privilege we behold to embrace freedom in be ourselves in who He wants us to be.. To serve Him in ways that we were created to.

- Marie-


comy said...

da 2nd
i dot c any copy right.. bla blas.
u wot sue me ryt? XD

LoVe God xxx LoVe PeOple. said...

JOAN: seriously anna u are crazy!!!AND real baaaaad!!! as in this is way too good! u shld be writin articles, magazines books!! ook atleast start with articles in these God-knwz-wat-women magazines drowning da country which have nothing better to say rather than how to loose yo tumy n where to get the best deal for a nose job!! seriously yo writings are BUTIFUL and INSPIRING!! n am not tryn to flatter u here! Young lady u got TALENT!! stop hiding it under the table!!
much loooove