Monday, April 13, 2009


Do You hear me when, in my brokenness, i cry?
Do You hear me when I scream?
Do You see my heart bleed with each blood thirsty word?
Do You feel my body grow cold with each memory?
Do You see the endless tears each night?
Do You see the distorted and wretched person that I see
when I look into the mirror?
Do You see the agonizing pain underneath my facade?
Do You feel the torment i go through with each shuddering breath?
If You do, will You hold me close?
Will You wipe away my tears?
Will You quieten my fears?
Will You fill my drained heart with renewed love?
Will You heal my shattered hopes and dreams?
Will You help me live?


Roma said...

Oh yes....he has already heard our desperate cries...done it already...isn't it.....we know that he's already done it all....that's from where our questions rise again...just to feel Jesus held Peter when he was about to sink...we know it n know it that Jesus would have held Judas that we know it...we ask...will u hold me when i fall..oops ....i shouldn't fall so that he will hold me.....
Yes that i know that u hear all my desperate cries, empower me to be a witness to those in desperate that they don't know u..

CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

he will. dats da beauty. he embraces oursoul.and re-aranges our hearts.