Thursday, January 21, 2010


I can't stand to wait at the traffic signal, it so gets on my nerves. Even though I don't drive yet (yes, I will get my license soon in faith), I still can't wait. Most people are very impatient individuals, we as people want everything to be at our immediate disposal, everybody today wants to get rich overnight, wants to get famous overnight, wants success overnight. Then we wonder why God doesn't give us these things that we desire for, we wait one day and on the second day we're already tired of waiting. Sometimes we think that we've reached a point where we are faithful to God and believe that we deserve to get those things we desire, but, we're not quite there. When I woke up today God put a beautiful revelation into my heart: our God is the most sensitive and tasteful artist. He wants us, his creation to be perfect. If you observe a true artist, they won't care how much time it takes to perfect their work, they will make sure that they keep struggling to perfect it with all they have, are willing to go above their limits to perfect their art.
Our God is willing to take His time to make sure we become the perfect example of creation. God is so proud to have created us. A quote that spoke to my heart is Corinthians 13:4 "Love is patient, love is kind."
Our God is the God of love, He is patient.
God took time to make sure that David was worthy to become king when he did, David went through all sorts of hardships to become king, even though he had a heart for God, he had faith in God when he was younger, but God made sure that David would be a worthy king when he did, so David had to wait. Joseph had to spend years as a slave and then in prison before he was put in his position of authority. Moses had to spend sixty years in Midian before God sent Him to lead His people out of Egypt. When I was younger I wished to grow very fast, but now my heart has learnt patience and now I savor the journey with God.

Be like love. Be Patient.


Marie said...

Important message u've shared here. Something that many need encouragement about since waiting is not always easy.. Thanks fr sharing ur heart co-author.. My fav line is " Be like patient" -- super stuff..Bless u

super chick said...

beautiful indeed.

Desirée said...

awesum stuff bro :) ma fav. line too is "Be like patient"