Tuesday, July 20, 2010


A true leader is one who can stand in the face of a problem, know it's magnitude, and still trust in God to take control.

Sometimes the heavy weight of our lives is so big that everything else fades away. I've got into trouble more times than I can count and every time that I do get into trouble my problem seems like the biggest problem in the world, no matter how many people are starving to death, no matter how many people are being taken advantage of and no matter how many people are dying from the sickness, that is sin. I hate it when I'm so selfish to forget the magnitude of the responsibility that I have in my life.

We are just far too carried away in our own lives. It's like we are stuck in an illusion to ignore everything else, somehow this illusion has put all of us in the centre of the universe. In fact it is somehow human nature to believe that we are in the centre of the universe. That's just the way our minds think. Pride and vanity may not be the same thing, but are somehow very closely related, it corrupts the way our minds are working.

God is of immense magnitude, there is nothing that is bigger than him. How can you be covered by the magnifience of this God and worry about your own little problems? You can't man!

God the most supreme being, reached out to His people and He expects us to be the same. He showed us how to live through His Son. How he lived in humility, lived for others and understood the magnitude of things.

Your place in the world does make a big difference, so don't limit yourself to your problems to your struggles.

Realize that Magnitude of God is limitless.


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