Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Never Forget What He Did For You

How hopeless & exceedingly sinful my life was. I remember the danger I was in, how close to death I had been before I'd been shown mercy.

Before you can judge someone else, look at the pit where you would be in without God's mercy. Only then can you say, "God, I know what You did for me and You can do the same for my friend who is in sin. At one time I was just as wicked in Your sight. I can't judge this friend, because You had mercy on me."

Never forget what I did for you, the incredible mercy I showed you. How many times did I dig you out of something that could have destroyed you? You wouldn't be here without My mercy. - God

Paraphrased, David Wilkerson

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Maroon 5 Payphone said...

Beautiful and deep ... It makes us think of something beyond our own.