Saturday, August 11, 2012

New beginnings

Some things are so simple & obvious...

We go through the storms and we no longer can sustain them...We want a way out and we can't help but realize that this is it.

For all time, endurance can't persevere in places where joy must prevail. We are human so  we eventually feel and we know where we are. There is no holding back. Even responsibility, obligation & strength give way and we quietly yearn for something new.

We can't suppress the truth of our condition & desire. We can't hide it forever. At last, what's deeply endured and sacrificed shows itself for what it is. And if we ever choose to to ignore or deny, it exposes itself even more, clanging louder.

And so we come to this inevitable conclusion...

Some things can't be fixed because they're not meant to be. They are shattered glass.

Some things can't be changed because they must be let go off. They are new beginnings.

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