Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tough times only help us grow and teach us that God has set a few people apart to be warriors, up front on the battlefield... They teach us that we can't fight the fight without letting go and letting God.. without revealing christ... In fact, we the fortified, learn to humble ourselves before challenging people and situations...and let God shine in His power through our selflessness.. we are dared to let God go before us, learning to lay our words and strengths aside and let faith speak through the spirit that dwells within ...And in this very act of surrender to God we find that we have already won, even before the battle ends..even if they never end. We win because we honor God with our perseverance.. we win because we refuse to give in to self pity and the good life..we win because we have faith and believe.

N.B: What we identify as curses, bad karma & long suffering is actually distinguished privilege for the fearless and set apart to be moulded for greater battles to come

Off limits for the faint at heart!

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