Monday, July 13, 2009


The sun had almost set, below the golden-red horizon; the violet-blue spreading further into the endless sky. I lay myself down, the grass cooling my back, as the stars reflect in my eyes. The velvet sky was the perfect canvas for these glittering diamonds. I breathe in the smell of perfect beauty. Of every tree, the brook nearby, the apples swinging on their heavy boughs. And I feel my soul marvel at Your creation. A song of worship escapes my lips, clear yet soft, I sing of Your majesty. I tell You of how You simply take my breath away. How I cannot imagine life without You. How my joy is found in Your love. And I notice how every bit of creation sang a song of worship to You - each in their own way. The trees swung gently, moved by the breeze as dancers would to a mellow tune. The grass swayed this way and that, a green sea of beauty and depth. The brook worshiped You in her gentleness; each pebble that she came across, she jumped over and made the sound of laughing silver glass. The stars stood as testament to Your eternal glory, the moon radiating Your magnificence. And I lay in wonder and amazement at how all of creation adored You. I felt small and honoured to know and love the same God that the whole earth worshiped. I continued with my song, the tune reaching past the clouds and entering Your courts, finding its way to Your ear. I can feel You smile, Your eyes reflecting joy. I drift off into a gentle sleep and in my dreams I found myself in the arms of my Father.

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