Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christ like

Many of my friends who are not believers, seem to think that being a Christian is the easiest thing in the world. They seem to think that Christians are allowed to do whatever they want. Mostly because the impression given by people who call themselves "Christians".

Sadly many Christians seem to think the same, that since Christ paid for their sins, they can do whatever they want and God will forgive their sins, others unaware of the fact they're even sinning. I wish they could know how much it breaks God's heart even when we say a simple swear word. I wish they could stop for a second and realize that their action is going to cost them ETERNITY.

I was one of those guys who would swear in every sentence that came out of my mouth, not knowing that the speech I'm given is a gift of God, that I could use the same speech to bless others. I'm ashamed to even think that was the life I was living... the number of my sins is difficult for me to even keep count of, but that life is over since my renewal in Christ.

I thank God for being tolerant. He forgives. But He also punishes. And the Word is very clear about that.

We need to live our lives with care and caution making sure we don't fall into pits of temptation. Being a Christian isn't easy as long as we're in flesh, but God also gives strength, I thought I would never be able to break free from sin, but God gave me strength to live a better life. The war is not over however, as long as we're living here there will be forces of temptation.

We need to re-evaluate ourselves and make sure whether we're really living a Christ like life. I wouldn't be the right person to give the best description of what Christ like is, but the description is there, the description is the Jesus Christ Himself.
And I'm still working to be more and more like Him.

Jesus is my Savior.


Marie said...

Welcome to expressions..feel at home..not that you havn't already..hehe.. glad to have u here..ur gonna b a blessing =)

Aneel said...

thank u Marie! :D I'm glad to be here! I love this blog!