Wednesday, October 21, 2009


When you love someone, you never have to describe it's kind,' cause that's the freedom that comes for price of true love. You never have to worry about opinion, or being condemned and you never have to fear destroying something that could be misunderstood.. 'Cause if you choose to love the way the Father asks of you to love one another, then u live in truth.. and the truth always powerfully reveals itself for what it really is.. It always defeats everything even every misconceived thought. Love conquers all, even the fear of of it's existence. Just as nothing can separate us from the love Of Christ, similarly nothing can come in the way of LOVE. This is off course if we are careful to acknowledge and live in it's absolute meaning by choosing to act upon it and within it's boundaries. It means that we will not cheapen, or falsify..that we will respect..

So now because we know how to love each person as Love is... we need not feel obliged to describe our kind of affection for different people as love is a self-defined. Though love is one.. the way we love each person is different..and yet in that difference lies the very essence of what love is and of what it is meant to be. We may love each other differently..but at the end of the day.. it all comes down to one word that is so often exploited: LOVE.

When we say we love someone, there is no need to explain on what terms we love them..because when one expresses love, the basis and degree of that love is understood not at the time of declaration (for that belittles that moment) but even before by virtue of relationship.

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