Thursday, May 27, 2010

The great odessey

Along this journey of life, we halt at the valleys and mountain tops.. We have moments that we least expect.. moments that we wish wouldn't occur for the fear of them being too lovely that we won't have the heart to resume our journey.. These are moments that gladden our hearts and bring liberty to our spirit. They are like vacation spots that take us away from the routines and allow us to just be.

Yet instead of keeping ourselves from receiving such timely moments we might as well embrace them for what their worth in a time we are in. Perhaps these moments give us hope & strength to pursue the rest of journey through. Maybe these moments make us feel the way we've only dreamed of. And perhaps these are gifts from above to put a smile on our face and bring a song to our soul..

Some stop overs can't be described..

And if these moments were to be our life without the long journey, I wonder if perhaps we would take them for granted..I guess these stop overs are much appreciated because they shine light in the void of our great odyssey. Taken by surprise, we let our hearts go to experience that which we held back n be enlightened enough to make it through.

So when you're on that stop over, you see what you've forgotten.. what you left behind at the back of your mind...

Sometimes we are afraid to embrace the good..the lovely not because they won't be good enough but just cause they might be too good to be true.


Aneel said...

wow.. ur work always inspires me as a writer. good post

Meg said...

lovely post! i could relate and it's inspiring.

God bless.

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