Sunday, December 6, 2009


Am i standing
or am i taking a stand?
am i living
or is my living a lie?
i tell myself there's meaning
a reason to want for tomorrow
that the next sun will set
when the day's made some sense
and if it hasn't
it's better to wait till its done
till the stars are gone
are my excuses
nothing more than
a wanting to live?
or do i really believe
in the 'something' greater?
am i stronger
or is my weakness my strength?
am i drowning
or am i learning to breathe?
can i see clearer
or is everything getting closer?
i let myself get lost
in colours, the wondrous lights
i marvel at the flickering images
like paintings on the ocean bed
have i lost my mind
or am i finding it now?
this new sensation
was it meant to be an alien?
am i moving upstream
or is my vision tilted upside down?
it gets harder to make sense
of life anymore
maybe i wasn't meant to;
in this confusion, the running about
i see that the meaning i chased after
was by me, was in me
the 'something' greater unfolded
as my wisdom burnt to ashes

1 comment:

Marie said...

LOVE THIS ONE.. poetic.. profound... simply beautiful.. Experiencing God firsthand makes us great writers!!! =P