Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everyday Warfare

So here's the deal.. Experience changes us.. They transform us into people that we hardly recognize or like. It's like a car accident.. You hurt, you heal, you recover but they never tell you about the repercussions until you get into your car one day and realize you can't turn the key cause your hands are shaking. They never warn you bout the long terms affects that occur within.. the ones that you can't physically see. Experience of various kinds, shapes and sizes confront us bringing pain of different sorts and depth. Yet they teach us, mould us and make us more than we ever were before but more than that, they change us & affect us in a way that we ourselves are not aware of until some day. But don't be ashamed of change even though you find that your unfamiliar with yourself.. for now you are the soldier who has come back home from war, whose face shows strength & courage that speaks of every battle you've fought.

Don't be ashamed of the quiet spirit and hard countenance or the fact that you are now a man of few words. Just know that these are qualities that you can't behold had you never been through warfare.


Aneel said...

yes indeed an excellent post... change does make u stronger ... also goodjob puttin labels :P

Miriam said...

speechless!!! lov'd it!!!