Wednesday, March 18, 2009


God is moulding us, teaching us new things through all situations and circumstance for something greater..a greater time than this..a time that is of obvious, present mystery. His plans are good plans..better than nature, always the best. So until they unravel, we need to be faithful, ever trusting & believe..we just need to be patient & wait upon His perfect time.

He takes us through these deserts so that WHEN we are indeed blessed with what we need and fulfilled with what we once longed for, hoped & dreamed of, we would have great value & gratitude for things..for people & appreciation for freedom..for love & value for all good to come..He takes us through the wilderness, that we may begin to see beauty in the ordinary & great purpose in small things that once just passed us by ..and this value we would never have if we didn't go through the testing and waiting..the times of lack & pain. Perhaps..we wouldn't treat people the way they ought to be treated, neither recieve blessings with the preciousness they deserve to be received with..nor see things from a deeper of gratitude and realisation.

And through this time of nothingness, even little is much..small is great and simplicity is beauty. Now, birds depict freedom & clouds symbolize a heavenly realm, our scars resemble stars & God is absolutely alive. Before the desert, perhaps we wouldn't see through so deep: Birds would just be birds and scars would be awaiting transformation. But now we know that beauty lies in what we make of who we are in the reality of what we do not have yet & that depth lies in what has become of our character & heart: one of great reproach, well set, alive..tried & tested..strengthened & taught to appreciate every little thing that deserves appreciation..preparing us to be in awe of every awaited blessing to come.

All along ,we are being prepared for times of refreshing, joy & fulfillment.. for "our" day. As for me.. as I move towards the beauty of the unknown I hold on to hope, faith & peace to get to where I must..never giving up..always moving forward even if the darkness seems never ending or the valley ever deep..I hold on to His love, preparing my heart to fully appreciate my coming coming day.. whether in this lifetime or Eternal home.

* For Paul..for Jesus and all those who simply live in the hope of the future.

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CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

wow its so tru.
u really do start appreciating da liltle things.dat u once never even bothered 2 luk @.