Monday, March 30, 2009


Come lovely Lord, come meet with me
I am desperate to dwell in your presence
I am so desperate to feel your touch
My heart is longing for you.
Hey you... Lover of my soul, come meet with me.
I want to know what your breathe feels like
I want to know what your touch feels like
I want to know what your presence feels like
So please come. Come here and meet with me
I’m waiting. I’m waiting patiently. Arms wide open. Hungry. Desperate.
Please don’t let me down. Please don’t leave me hanging.
Come you gracious one. Come quickly.
My heart is anxious. My heart is seeking.
I'm overwhelmed by your goodness.
I'm swept off my feet by your love.
I'm so hungry. I'm so hungry to know you more.
I've heard of your magnificent beauty. I've heard of your saving grace.
I just want to know it now. I want to experience it for myself.
So come. For all I truly want is more and more of you.



Roma said...

hey Anika,

it's with such ease you have written is really smooth..all the thoughts of your heart ...very well expressed..and convincing....gotta learn this...


Marie said...

God's presence is the most secure place to this moment..and always..I love ur style of writing..very poetic & moving..Bless u too :-)Ur post is my heart's cry even as I comment..