Sunday, March 15, 2009


Once upon a time there was a sad little girl who felt unwanted. Everyday she searched for somebody who could make her feel loved. She searched everywhere - on the tops of every mountain, in the depths of every ocean, in the quiet of every valley; yet she found no one who ever loved and accepted her. She met people who had easily fooled her into believing that they cared only to leave her alone. She felt miserable and worthless. She wondered why she couldn't find the love she saw shared between others. After months and years of pondering she decided that maybe she didn't deserve love - that she was too wretched to even wish for it. The sad little girl concluded that without love there was no meaning to life and to living and she made her way down to the high cliff that overlooked the deep blue sea. As she took long deep breaths, preparing herself for the final leap, a gentle voice breezed through the calm around her. She turned around hesitantly to face a handsome man with a kind face. He was dressed much differently from her and the others she knew and had the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. Before she knew it, the man ran towards her, arms outstretched and embraced. She was shocked to see tears pouring down his cheeks - tears of joy he explained. She didn't understand what or who or why but she felt her restless, hungry heart grow peaceful within her. It suddenly dawned on her that before her stood all that she had been looking for - somebody who would love her and she could love in return. Within her she felt hope renewed and joy restored. He held His hand out to her, the most beautiful smile graced his face. As she reached out to him she noticed a scar on His palm. Seeing the questioning look in her eyes he simply said - 'A small price to pay to get to you, my love.'
I thank the Lord for loving me so much and considering my soul to be priceless. I'm so grateful to Him for staying with me through thick and through thin - for never giving up on me even when i had let go. I love You, Father.


Marie said...

Extremely breathtaking new style on the blog. Lovin' it. Thanks for sharing..It's beautiful. " A small price to pay love" :-)Keep inspiring. Way to go..

CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

no body can tell a story of that road mo beautifully than a person who has walked on it!!
a life saved-inoder 2 inspire many others who stil linger down dat road.. kep expresing miri. u've got an audience.
much hugs*

MrsKraft said...

I "stumbled" across your blog through a random search based on the commonality of the book Redeeming Love. I am so blessed to have read your words of hope and victory through Christ alone.
Praise God.
He used you to encourage me today.
Thank you. Thank you, too, Lord.