Sunday, March 29, 2009


Another’s letdown, gives us no right to do wrong, no excuse to slack or rebel. It gives us no right to purposely loose focus & abandon our purpose. But it does give us the right to be our best and even better than those who have failed us and failed themselves. It gives us a chance to be an example of beauty and goodness, of greatness and virtue. It gives us a moment to shine and prove all else wrong. It gives us the right to be a God child.


CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

Thx 4 putin dis up.
its very real. hnphw i sumtyms fall in dis basket.
so help me God.

Anika said...

You couldnt have picked a better day than today to put this one up. If on no other day it was today that I truly needed to hear this.
Thank you Anna that you let God use you to speak life into remind us when we so easily exactly the right moments. Thank you that you have chosen to partner with heaven in having his will accomplished on this earth.
You are beautiful indeed! A beauty that surpasses the eyes of this world.