Monday, March 30, 2009


Lord, You see my heart
in all it's brokenness
You alone can see
the depth of my pain
You alone see
how hurt I truly am
You alone can feel my sorrow
Before You I am transparent
Before You all my pretenses fall
Before You I come exactly as I am
Before You I fail to be what I am not
And I am overwhelmed by
Your accepting love
I am grateful for Your enduring mercy
I am in awe of Your grace
that covers me despite my flaws
I am thankful for open arms
I can run into
I cannot understand why You love me
but You do and I love You because You do
I don't see in me the worth for which
You paid such a great price
Because of Your unfailing love
I cannot leave You
For without You I am nothing
But with You - I am everything!
Everything I yearn to be - I can be
For even in my weakness
You stay by my side
And You never let go
In You everything fades away
for only in You do I find perfect love


CoMy::::Love.N.beyond said...

i lUV him2.:D still discovering his luv.i gues no.body can ever fully knw it.coz evrytym u do.he then shows u another side of his luv.gets beta/day by day. if we let him.

Marie said...

This could have been in the psalms..most often this is my prayer too..much love to u